A Complete List of Performers at Odditoriums:

-Bard, Roy "Ossified Man" -Battley, Irene "Voltess" -Blackburn, John Esau "Hairy-Man" -Blystone, E.L. "Microscopic Writer" -Broadbent, Betty "Tattooed Lady"  -Bryant, B.A. "Human Pincushion"  -Burke, Henry Paul "Ambidextrous Cartoonist" -Captain Ringman Mack  -Coleman, Frank "Man With Steel Hands" -Coogan, Val "Prince Hagur, White Fakir" -Desmuke, Paul "The Armless Wonder"  -Edema, Edward "Human Automobile Tire"  -Eck, Johnny "Half-Boy" -Ensign, Orpha "Ossified Woman" -Everhart, Robert "Gurning & Grimacing"  -Gardner, Roy "One Man Band"  -Garneau, Mimi "Swordswallower" -Gawley, Andrew A. "The Steel-Fingered Wonder" -Grendol, Joseph "Swallows All"  -Gravityo, The Great "Man of 1000 Thrills"  -Hadji Ali "The Human Fountain" -Hall, Earl "Smoky"  -Homma "The Rice Writer"  -Hayes, Anato "The Anatomical Wonder" -Hubbard, Skeets "Blockhead & Pulls Wagons By Eyelids" -Johnson, W.H. "Leopard Skin Man" -Jone, Harry "Contortionist" -Lambert, Zora "Razor Blades & Glass Eater" -Langevin, Alfred "Eye-Smoker" -Kanichka "Man With Ostrich Stomach" -Kehr, Clarence "Strong Boy"  -King, Tommy "Tire-Pump Player"  -Knox, Pierce "Blind Xylophonist"  -Lake, Etta  -Langevin, Alfred -Laurello, Martin "Revolving Head" -Lavardo "Voodoo Torturer Sword-Ladder" -Lewis, Forest "Man of Many Faces"  -Loos, Arthur "Rubber-Necked"  -McDaniel, Grace "Mule-Faced Woman"  -McGregory, Harry & Evelyn "Lifts Weights With Eyelids"  -McPherson, Lydia "Longest Red Hair In The World" -McWilliams, Paul "Big Mouth" -Marvello "Fingerless Pianist"  -Mayfield, William "Doc" "Lifting Weights With Tongue & Eyelids"  -Miller, James Marion A. "Calico Jim"  -Morrell, Prof. & Mrs."Jack-Knife King & Queen" -Mortensen, Mort "Piano Wonder" -Nielsen, Rasmus "Lifts Anvil With Pierced Chest" -O'Dell, Larry "Count Fro-Zo Growing Man" -Omi, The Great "Tattooed" -Ortiz, Demetrio "Backwards Feet" -Ossified Harry  -Plumhoff, Arthur "Human Pincushion"  -Price, Edna "Sword and Neon Swallower" -Pushnik, Freda "Half-Girl" -Rankin, D.D. "Champion Whittler" -Rivers, C.L. & Blanche "Liquid Air" -Romano, Charles "Contortionist" -Russell, Francois "Strong Man" -Saylor, John "Gurner"  -Seyah, Albert "Contortionist" -Schmidt, Agnes "Rubber-Skinned"  -Siciliano, Michael "Chain-Swallower" -Singlee "Fireproof Fakir" -Smith, Melvin "Twisto"  -Stone, John R. "The Miracle man-Human or Robot?"  -Swami See Ram Li  "Fireproof" -Thorpe, Clarence "Blindfolded Cartoonist" -Tritchler, Walter "Bottle-Player" -Tryarto "Ambidextrous Artist" -Von Lynd, Elma "Born With 3 Legs"  -Whisant, Joan "Armless Guitarist"  -Williams, Betty Lou "4 Legs, 3 Arms" -Williams, John "Alligator-Skinned"  -Williams, Leopold "Leopard-Skinned Man"  -Willard, Clarence  -Whittaker, Paul "The Eye-Popper"  -Zaharee, James W. "Microscopic Writer"


Ce soir


J’ai travaillé. Je laise aller… Découpe, pique avec des punaises, écoute la radio, fais du thé fumé.

Je passe à la FNAC , comme ça pour rien, pour prendre l’air et feuillète des portraits écrits par Truman Capote et Avedon. Coco Chanel:

” Si vous enlevez la tête , j’a quinze ans….”

R. rentre tard du tournage et C. monte avec G.

Prépare du poisson et de la soupe à la tomate. Avais invité Y. Mais le désinvite. Trop K.O.

.Tente un skype et papotage rapide avec Anamaria qui se prépare à donner ses cours.

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