Les comédies d’Andreas Gryphius (1616-1664) et la notion de grotesque/ Horribilicribrifax.

Je commence la journée avec Virginia Frances Sterrett, que je connaissais déjà. Je me souviens de dessins faits d’après ses illustrations. Je regarde Kay Nieslen quelle ne connais pas: Joe Grant recommended to Walt Disney that he hire illustrator Kay Nielson (1886 – 1957). Walt did hire him and his initial work at the studio was 1937-1941. He was renowned at the studio for his concept art and illustrations. His work was used extensively on the « Night on Bald Mountain » segment of Fantasia. It was written in John Culhane’s 1983 book Walt Disney’s Fantasia, that « Nielsen created a visually dynamic pattern that responded to auditory patterns in music. » He also noted, « He helped bring to the screen one of the most terrifying Disney characters ever seen. » John Culhane went on to say about Kay, « Nielsen brought his ornamental, flowing, and morbidly beautiful designs to Night on Bald Mountain, the only section possessing high style, or more accurately, high stylization. » This is a rare and important Kay Nielsen original concept pastel piece of the Chernabog in full celebration on Bald Mountain. Pastel on 12 field, 5-peghole black paper. The number 77 is in bottom right corner. On back of artwork is the studio « Concept Feature » stamp. It lists Kay Nielsen as artist and is dated 10/26/39. This movie was released on November 13, 1940. Great array of color with a great 6″ arms stretched above his head. Important piece of Disney animation history! Minor handling and edge wear. Some tape marks on reverse, overall Very Good condition.

Tyrus Wong=Bambi =Ah bon?


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