Frans Zwartjes

The incomparable Frans Zwartjes is a filmmaker, musician, violin-maker, painter and sculptor. In the late-60s he was one of the first Dutch visual artists to take up film, initially to document his performances and soon after as an independent medium perfectly suited to his way of creating visual art. His mind-bending works caused a furor, with psychological black-and-white imagery of heavily made-up and over-dressed actors from his circle of friends. Focused on sexually-loaded power games, hysteria, psychosis and cruelty, his films are largely edited ‘in-camera’. “My own motor system determined the film style”, Zwartjes stated in an interview. Zwartjes’s oeuvre includes over forty films and his style has left a strong stamp on at least two generations of experimental filmmakers in Holland. You’ve never seen anything quite like this. – Film Anthology Archiv
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