vernis et notes

Retouche rouge sous l‘oeil affligé de Pascal Dusapin

Comme je n’ai jamais mis de vernis à ongles, quand je vois ma main, j’ai l’impression que c’est celle de quelqu’un d’autre!

Hier soirée vraiment sympa à la Maison Rouge. J’avais mis du rouge à lèvres et A
nne de Villepoix a fait des photos super, mais je ne sais pas si elle me les enverra. Jambières Fragile . Short / Pull rouge et rouge à lèvres mal mis.

A young woman in her bed chamber trying a wig on her bottom for effect: her maid-servant holds a mirror for her and sniggers with amusement; a cat arches its back in fright and a dog dives for cover under the young woman’s corset which is lying on the floor.

A fat hunchbacked man with two large warts on his nose with hairs growing out, admires his fashionable wig in a hand-mirror; a grinning barber trims his wig in front of a table on which there are various hair-dressing appliances.

A woman wearing an extraordinarily high wig decorated with beads and lace, discusses her head-dress whilst taking tea with a man sitting opposite who wears a legal tie wig, gown and bands; on the wall is a framed picture of two monkeys sitting at a table drinking tea.


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