1692/Monk Ikkyu



Paul MC Cartney/ Phil Glass

Said the Presidential skeleton
“I won’t sign the bill”
Said the Speaker skeleton “Yes you will”
Said the Representative skeleton “I object!”
Said the Supreme Court skeleton
“Whaddya expect?”

Said the Old Christ skeleton
“Care for the poor”
Said the Son of God skeleton
“AIDS needs cure”
Said the homophobe skeleton “Gay folk suck”
Said the Heritage Policy skeleton
“Blacks’re outta luck”
Said the macho skeleton
“Women in their place”
Said the fundamentalist skeleton
“Increase the human race”
Said Nancy skeleton “Just Say No”
Said the Rasta skeleton “Blow Nancy Blow”

Said the Demagogue skeleton
“Don’t smoke pot”
Said the alcoholic skeleton
“Let your liver rot”
Said the junkie skeleton
“Can’t we get a fix?”
Said the big brother skeleton
“Tail the jerks for kicks”
Said the mirror skeleton “Hey good looking”
Said the electric chair skeleton
“Hey what’s cooking?”

Said the talkshow skeleton
“Muck you in the face”
Said the family values skeleton
“My family values mace”
Said the New York Times skeleton
“That’s not fit to print”
Said the CIA skeleton
“Can’t you take a hint?”
Said the network skeleton “Believe my eyes”
Said the advertising skeleton
“Don’t get wise” said the media skeleton
“Believe you me”
Said the couch potato skeleton
“What me worry?” said the TV skeleton
“Eat sound bites” said the newscast skeleton
“That’s all, goodnight”

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