DescriptionSatire on the antagonism between William Hogarth and Charles Churchill arising from the North Briton, No.17 in which, as a response to Hogarth’s print « The Times Plate 1″ supporting the Peace of Paris, John Wilkes wrote: »The post of portrait-painter [to the King] is given to a Scotsman, one Ramsey, Mr Hogarth is only to paint the wainscot of the rooms, or, in the phrase of the art, may be called their pannel-painter ». On the left is shown a blank « Pannel Painting » in front of which Hogarth, shown as his pug dog with his fore paws on a palette with the « Liner of Beauty », confronts a large bear (Churchill) who stands on his « Epistle to Wm. Hogarth July 1763 ».  
Etching and engraving

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